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Lose the 98 page manual. We provide click-through SharePoint tutorials on your site

Businesses around the globe are cutting their support bill with dedicated SharePoint Tutorials, available 365 days a year.

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SharePoint Click-through tutorials in your own SharePoint Environment.

Cut your SHarePoint support and training bills in half today. When you signup we'll give you FREE starter tutorials, so that learning SharePoint, is so much easier. No engineers, no code, just results. There is no substitute for learning like doing it yourself.

Create in Minutes

Our code-free visual builder lets you create your own tutorials, customised for your processes, with speed, confidence, and ease.

Performance measures

Track the use and effectiveness of every tutorial to know exactly which tutorials are most beneficial for your users

Drive SharePoint Adoption

People don't use SharePoint because they don't know how. Change that. For FREE.

Use our pre-built SharePoint tutorials
Or create your own has hundreds of commonly used SharePoint tutorials which we'll give to you for free when you add our player to your site.

We spent thousands on in-person training only to have our power users forget everything the next day. With, the tutorials live on the site, never to be forgotten.

James, Change & Operations Manager, Trend Micro

Improve Employee's SharePoint Competencies & Engagement

increase user engagement

Show New Employees How to Get Started

Guide new employees in SharePoint with self-managed training modules or through company forms & processes on their 1st day. Track exactly which tutorials they have finished, and when.

Analyse Users' Behaviour

Get insights how your users are using your application. Where they are seeking help, what they're struggling with and whether they are completing tutorials.

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Avoid Expensive SharePoint Training. Create your own tutorials

It’s easy for admins to create custom tutorials to fit your organisation's needs with our handy authoring tool which allows you to create your own tutorials for your own custom SharePoint application. Need help? We'll happily create them for you too.

We were looking for a solution to help new users quickly master our new Intranet on Office 365. helped us to drive adoption and limit support costs for our support team who previously had no SharePoint experience.

Stephen, Product Manager, Fortune 500 company

Target specific SharePoint tutorials to specific groups of users

New employee starters need to see 'New Employee' tutorials? No problem. Need to help just Site Admininstrators to 'Add New Users'? Problem solved.
Onboard new users or cut your training bill by rolling out today.

Empower Your Users, Drive Adoption & Cut Support Costs

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